…A New Start to an Old Site

This is a continuation of my site, started in 2010, The Beavercreek Backyard Farm, After almost 10 years, my original record – The Beavercreek Backyard Farm, seems to have outgrown its site. So I guess, as I don’t report back to school after summer vacation (for the first time in 33 years), its a good…

Wildfires and Evacuation

On Monday, September 7, 2020 a strange weather event rolled into the Pacific Northwest bringing 60 mph winds gusts to the region and bringing down tree limbs and power lines. The winds, along with 90 degree temperatures and humidity levels hovering near 12% resulted in 34 wildfires burning across Oregon. As the fires moved closer,…

Experiment …. Softening Bath Towel

As we think about moving, there are items that won’t stay with the house that I’d normally replace like our bathroom towels. Our towels are getting a bit on the older side, but since I don’t have any idea what our future bathroom situation will be like, I’d like these to last a bit longer….

Autumn Chores: 10/21 – 12/20

10/21 Deep clean Garage Sink and sink cupboards Go thru cleaning chemicals in garage 10/22 Deep clean Master Bath; soften towels Can tomato sauce 10/23 Go thru garage chemicals; move chemicals and fence hardware to shed Deep clean Hall Bath; soften towels Clean Dog Kennel; vacuum, wash bedding, wash bowl Clean washing machine dispensing drawer

Döstädning …. The Garage Sink

This project was one part Döstädning and one part Sprucing up. Nothing needed repair, but the garage sink and countertop were dirty, dusty, splattered with paint and generally disgusting. The cupboards above and below the sink were packed with so many assorted items that it was really difficult to find anything when you needed it….

Sprucing Up …. New House Numbers

One thing that has always driven me a little crazy about living in the country are the missing house numbers. So many people don’t put and numbers on their homes and when you’re out looking for an address, it’s often a guessing game. We also live on a driveway with other homes so having our…

Putting Up …. The Onion Harvest

As summer vacation comes to a close, the bulb onions are ready to harvest. Not all of them are large and we’ve had better harvests, but at least the rabbits, deer, squirrels or birds didn’t get to them. I pulled a few a couple of weeks ago and had them hanging in the greenhouse between…

Sprucing Up …. The Shed (Part Four)

There is still a little to do to finish the area outside of the shed – to make sure the soil doesn’t encroach and ruin anything again – but the shed is sound, the roof is tight and the interior is organized and clean. Today, Hubby added the trim pieces that needed to be replaced…

Sprucing Up …. Finishing up Summertime

It’s the last weekend of summer vacation – the last weekend before Hubby “goes back” to school. He actually won’t be going back, he’ll be teaching from home. He does start having meetings and trainings on Monday so these were the last few days to get some projects done. We’re still working on The Shed….

Sprucing Up …. The Driveway

Not much to say about this. It didn’t cost a thing, just a few hours of time with a leaf blower. Lots of gravel, lots of dust, and lots of sawdust from the tree trimming.